Polypropylene Fabrics

Bulk bag and Circular woven Fabrics

Our fabrics are used successfully in FIBC as well as for various Mining applications and are suitable for the following applications

  • FIBC with or without reinforcing
  • Brattices (flame-retardant)
  • Breathable Vegetable bags
  • Multitude of Agriculture products

The fabrics weights range from 80 to 240 grams/sqm.

A wide range of fabric width can be produced:

  • Tubular fabric from 50cm to 200cm lay-flat (100cm to 400cm circumference).
  • Flat circular fabric with 4 cm wide folded selvedges 91cm to 130 cm
  • Flat circular fabric without fold, 99cm to 280cm
  • Flat woven with tucked selvedges, 80cm to 500cm

Geotextile Fabrics

The major portion of production is supplied to the Mining Industry.
Applications are as follows:

  • Mining Backfill
  • Drainage, Erosion
  • Civil fencing
  • Silt dam
  • Weeping bags
  • Leader cloth for rubber belt manufacturers
  • Various Civil engineering applications
  • Agriculture

Fabrics weight: range from 100 to 300 grams/sqm
Fabric width: from 80cm to 500cm.
Fabric tenacity: up to 50 kN/mtr in both warp and weft direction

The water permeability can be adjusted according to requirements, depending on the product. The flow rate averages from 6 liters up to 50 liters/sec & sqm with vertical flow, 100mm water head.

Our experienced technical team also designs fabrics to specific customer requirements.

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