About Us

Our mission statement is to:

  • Satisfy customer expectations in terms of quality, quantity and delivery time
  • Comply with applicable standards and specifications
  • Prevention of pollution through waste minimization, reduction in resource consumption and emissions
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, as well as the industry code of practice.


Polypropylene Tape
We produce a wide Denier range of Polypropylene tapes, flat and fibrillated tapes in different colours and on different package types.

Polypropylene Fabrics
The high demand fabrics for Mining and Geotextiles are manufactured with projectile weaving machines. Circular Looms production is mainly for FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) and various other applications.

Extrusion coating
Different types of fabrics are coated with Polypropylene or LDPE material. Extrusion coating is available as a commission service.